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– Expert advice and financing for not only the investment property but also the business contained within it

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– Pre-sale shortfall financing of up to $15M

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Benefits of specialised property finance

Investing in property is often marketed by banks as an easy process. In reality, many property investments are astonishingly complex, especially those that are purpose-built like hotels, child care centres, petrol stations and caravan parks. In these cases, the investment may be even viewed unfavourably by larger banks simply due to the complex nature of the financing required. This is where we can help.

Our specialised property financing service reviews the assets contained within the property, and we work closely with you to understand the business carried out at the premises to find the ideal financing option. Specialised property finance can also used by property developers, and can facilitate pre-sale shortfall of up to $15M so that construction can commence without delay.

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How does specialised property finance work?

At its core, specialised property financing works like regular property financing. An assessment is made on the value of the purchase, and then a funding package is put together. However that is only the start; the value of a purpose-built property is a lot more complex due to the required research and forecasting on the ongoing value of the assets contained within the property.

The total amount may be calculated as a freehold value, which takes into account the overall value of the property, or as a leasehold value that takes into account the value of any business carried out in the premises. We can help understand the full landscape and create a financing plan that best suits your needs.


When to consider specialised property finance

Perhaps you want to purchase a petrol station, a car wash, a commercial garage, a car showroom, a hotel, a day care centre, a clinic, a caravan park, a retirement village or another similar asset. Each of these properties has its own unique set of characteristics and for this type of purchase, a specialised property finance arrangement will be required.

Specialised property finance may also be leveraged by property developers, and can facilitate pre-sale shortfall of up to $15M in pre-sales. This funding allows for pre-sale targets to be achieved so that construction can commence without delay.

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How To Get The Best Specialised Property Finance With Us

1. Meet Your Loan Specialist

Our experienced specialised property finance specialists will work with you, your business partners and other key stake holders to understand the exact needs of your specialised property finance.

2. We’ll Negotiate The Best Rate

Once we’ve defined the exact requirements of your specialised property finance, we’ll leverage our experience and network of lenders to negotiate the best specialised property finance rate for you.

3. Access Loan Capital & Grow

We’ll present to you our specialised property finance package tailored to your exact requirements. Once confirmed, you can use the loan capital to grow and scale your business.

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