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Corporate Loan Notes

Your Assets Work Harder with a Corporate Loan Note

Corporate Loan Notes

A Corporate Loan Note is ideal for medium to large property developers with:

  • A healthy mix of active assets, in a well-rounded development pipeline
  • Passive assets which can be made to work harder

Property development companies who want to increase or maintain a strong growth path, leverage their track record, balance sheet and committed pipeline or projects, all opt for Corporate Loan Notes. 

Of the many advantages a loan note provides to Property Developers, the primary advantage is the increased certainty of delivering a pipeline with reliable forecasting. In our current illiquid credit environment, it is important to minimise overspending time and money with too many individual financier/s on a project by project basis.

Alpha Financial Solutions has robust connections with underwriters of loan notes and an established history of successfully advising and settling multiple loan notes.


Benefits of Corporate Loan Notes

  • Corporate Loan Notes provide flexible loan terms and offer quick and easy access to your equity when you need it.
  • Corporate Loan Notes are NOT secured by a mortgage over real property.
  • Corporate Loan Notes can be used in conjunction with other financiers, such as Banks and Non-Bank Senior debt lenders, at a group or individual project level.
  • There are few restrictions upon how you use the funds from Corporate Loan Notes.
  • Corporate Loan Notes come with a pre-approved extendable limit and simple loan covenants.
  • You only pay interest only upon what you use with a Corporate Loan Note.
  • You can recycle the undrawn limit of your Corporate Loan Note without new establishment fees or new approval processes.


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