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Commercial Property Loans

Realise the Full Potential of Your Commercial Property with a Non-Bank Loan

Commercial Property Loans |  Non-Bank

Alpha Financial Solutions can assist property developers with a low-doc loan or lease-doc loan for those who wish to lend against a commercial property or future development site.

Property Developers and Investors who want to acquire older commercial or retail property can realise its upside potential with a Low-Doc Commercial Loan. By undertaking a refurbishment-and-releasing program during the low-doc loan term , and then refinancing to a Bank Loan upon completion, Property Developers and Investors will gain extensive value and serviceability for their leasing profile. 


Why Choose a Non-Bank Commercial Property Loan

  • Doc Commercial Loan financiers accept shorter lease terms, which is ideal for Property Developers.
  • Non-Bank Commercial Loan Financiers evaluate loan serviceability faster than traditional Bank loans.
  • A Non-Bank Commercial Property loan is approved much faster than a Bank Loan. Approval times are typically 1-2 weeks.
  • Low-Doc Non-Bank Commercial Loans are evaluated against the net rent of the Commercial Property Security in its own right.
  • Non-Bank Property Loans assess both the level of rent vs the level of interest and the length of the remaining lease term in a less conventional approach. 
  • LVR’s are commonly comparable to traditional Bank finance, with interest costs around 6%-8%.
  • Alpha Financial Solutions have provided funding for many successful non-bank commercial property loans. 


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