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No Pre-Sales Construction Finance

Give The Green Light To Your Construction Project With No Pre-Sales Construction Finance

  • Give your construction project the funds to get started

  • Remove the need for pre-commitments or pre-sales

  • Suitable for all development approved residential projects

  • Fast approvals are granted with a quick turnaround to avoid undesirable delays


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Benefits of a no pre-sale construction finance

In the early stages of a residential development, project managers often find themselves in a catch22 situation, no construction equals no pre-sales, and no pre-sales equals no capital to pursue construction. Pre-sales finance is designed with this exact purpose in mind, ensuring developers experience no hold-ups or surprises as they prepare for construction.


Pre-sale construction finance starts with an assessment of the project and the total development cost (TDC). During assessment, the total eventual sale value will help determine the project’s gross realisation value (GRV). Together, these values are used as guidelines to determine the funding required, along with understanding your critical timelines to ensure your project is moving full steam ahead.

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No pre-sales construction finance assessments

With no pre-sales construction finance, an assessment of the development will be carried out and the cost of completion estimated. This is the total development cost (TDC) of the project. During the assessment, the total eventual sale value will be estimated. This is the project’s gross realisation value (GRV). Together, these values will be used as guidelines for the maximum borrowing potential.

Using TDC and GRV to determine funding amount

A no pre-sales construction finance solution is based on either the total development cost (TDC) or on the gross realisation value (GRV). The developer may borrow a higher percentage of the TDC if this method is used to calculate funding, but the GRV value will be higher. The GRV method of calculation will provide the borrower with more funds upfront, but will be subject to a higher interest rate.

Applications are assessed on a case by case basis, and our team will work with you to give you, the developer the best chance of getting funding. There may however, be other factors and requirements in addition to those listed above, relating to development approvals on the land used for the construction project.

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How To Get The Best No Pre-Sale Construction Finance With Us

1. Meet Your Loan Specialist
Our experienced no pre-sale construction finance specialists will work with you, your business partners and other key stake holders to understand the exact needs of your no pre-sale construction finance.
2. We’ll Negotiate the Best Rate
Once we’ve defined the exact requirements of your no pre-sale construction finance, we’ll leverage our experience and network of lenders to negotiate the best no pre-sale construction finance rate for you.
3. Access Loan Capital & Grow
We’ll present to you our no pre-sale construction finance package tailored to your exact requirements. Once confirmed, you can use the loan capital to grow and scale your business.

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