Get Access To Established Private Lenders With Our Low Doc Commercial Loans:

– Avoid having to use your family home or assets as loan security

– Boost cash flow if you are unable to access major lenders

– Remove the pressure of urgent payments such as ATO debt

– Get access to lenders if you are an overseas resident

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Benefits of a Low Doc Commercial Loan

Loans are not meant to be one size fits all, yet many big lenders and banks tend to squeeze you into a set loan to reduce their administration overheads. A low doc commercial loan through Alpha Financial Solutions however, gives you the flexibility you need, with access to highly established private lenders. This is ideal if you are self-employed or run a small business as low doc commercial loans require few financial records, a challenge if you are self-employed.

Other scenarios where a low doc commercial loan can help, is if you are using a recent property valuation as security rather than the property’s purchase value, if you have residency overseas, if you need to use a remote asset as security, or if you have an inadequate credit history. Low doc commercial loans usually provide fast funding too, making them ideal if you are dealing with an urgent cash-flow situation.

When traditional lenders cannot cater to your needs, chat to the friendly team at Alpha Financial Solutions.


How to determine if a low doc solution is right for you

There are many situations for when a low doc commercial loan can help. It is for self-employed individuals that find it difficult to provide proof of income or obtain tax returns in the early years of operation. Another scenario is if you are using a recent property valuation as security, rather than documentation of the property’s purchase value. This can cause issues when it comes to getting funding through banks and major lenders.

Other factors such as residency overseas, use of a remote asset as security or poor credit history may also put you on the back foot when dealing with a mainstream bank, but do not pose such problems with an experienced low doc lender.


Get faster access to funds

You may also find that a low doc commercial loan provides a faster settlement, making them suitable for dealing with urgent cash-flow situations. A low doc commercial loan also reduces paperwork time as it relies on you declaring your revenue and income.

When traditional lenders cannot cater to your needs, Alpha Financial Services can give you access to established private lenders.

How To Get The Best Low Doc Commercial Loan With Us

1. Meet Your Loan Specialist

Our experienced low doc commercial loan specialists will work with you, your business partners and other key stake holders to understand the exact needs of your low doc commercial loan.

2. We’ll Negotiate The Best Rate

Once we’ve defined the exact requirements of your low doc commercial loan, we’ll leverage our experience and network of lenders to negotiate the best low doc commercial loan rate for you.

3. Access Loan Capital & Grow

We’ll present to you our low doc commercial loan package tailored to your exact requirements. Once confirmed, you can use the loan capital to grow and scale your business.

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